A Day To Remember

The first song i heard from A Day To Remembery was “The Downfall Of Us All” i forget how or where I heard it but im pretty sure that it was probably on youtube rabit hole of some sort. But needless to say that as soon as I heard the opening of the downfall of us all I NEEDED to hear more, i craved that shit, so I started off listening to the rest of the homesick album. Which still to this day is one of my favorite albums from front to back. it is 100% perfect! then i explored the studio diaries of ADTR creating the homesick album. then i watched their dvd thing. meanwhile i was constantly jamming a day to remember day after day after day constantly, turning all of my friends on to this amazing new band that i discovered becoming overly obsessed with their story and their struggle and just how they make music that touches me in such a way. They were heavy but still had that pop punk feel I was totally in love and still to this day i cant help but smile when a day to remember comes on when I put my music on shuffle. They are the gods of new age pop punk fuck you if you think any different!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope that if you have never discovered A Day To Remember that you will go look them up and that they bring you as much joy as they bring me


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