Blink 182

i remember seeing all the small things video on TRL after school one day and instantly turning on my computer and pulling up limewire and downloading everything i could find by this band they called ‘Blink 182″ which i believe there was a track called “Fuck A Dog” which is still one of my guilty pleasures when it comes to Blink 182 songs… Travis Tom, and Mark taught me that no matter your age you never have to fully grow up and especially your music… your music can be silly and not meaningful and just fun!!! but it can also be your way of coping with how shitty adulthood can be and thats always been what Blink 182 brings to me, they make me forget all the stress and the responsibility even if its only for a 3 minute song I feel young and dumb again, and sometimes all of us need to feel young and dumb. They also sent me into a musical spiral of punk rock… they pushed me to look into travis which led me to follow his career and still to this day if Travis Barker drums on something I can almost guarantee you that its saved on my phone because he will always be one of my favorite drummers hes so technical and just flows perfectly on everything he does. Travis Mark and Tom make my adulthood fun i give full responsibility to my silliness and my crazy antics to them. DONT TAKE LIFE SERIOUSLY PEOPLE NOONE MAKES IT OUT ALIVE.


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