Chester Bennington

This one really hit me in a special place today. 7/20/2017 we lost the frontman to the first rock band i ever fell completley in love with. Chester Bennington. As a young kid my older sister Rachel got me into rock music via motley crue and metallica and all the good bands of which i came to love, but for me it was when i heard Linkin Park on my local rock station 99.7 the blitz. i instantly became obesessed!!! i went and mowed lawns to buy their album Hybrid Theory, I memorized every single word to every single song, i got on limewire and winmx and downloaded them to my computer, i found an alteranate version of songs, remixes, etc. then Meteora came out and i downloaded more Linkin Park. i was finding rare songs and even a different version of in the end but nothing ever held a candle to papercut which still to this day no matter how many times i play it will always be my favorite linkin park song, followed closely by high voltage. I remember when hurricane Katrina came and devestated New Orleans for some benefit or something Chester covered Home Sweet Home with Motley Crue. Being the huge Crue fan that i am i marked out so hard when i saw this video it was a true show of how amazing his voice really is and that linkin park wasnt what everyone said they were. I stood by my band no matter what, no matter who said they sucked no matter what trashy song they put out i stood by their side because they helped me find my love for music. Linkin Park and Chester Bennington taught me ALOT about music and a lot that you dont realize. They taught me that the beauty of a song cant be found in the single but in the songs that nobody listens to. i really dug into linkin parks catalog and listened closley to every word. March 6 2004 Nationwide Arena Columbus, Ohio was the day that my life completley changed because my older sister rachel was taking me to my first rock concert i was 12 about to turn 13 in 10 days it was an early birthday present from rachel and my parents. and the greatest birthday present to date. i went and saw my favorite bands at the time, the most stacked lineup i could think of, it was Story Of The Year, Hoobastank, P.O.D, and LINKIN FUCKIN PARK!!!! i was so excited i knew songs from every band we had crappy nose bleed seats but i didnt care i was standing up bumping into people singing every single song i knew without a care in the world nobody in there had a care and thats what it was all about we didnt care that it was snowing all we cared about was loud amps in our face and an experience we will never forget. With my sister on one side of me and my older nephew Justin on the other and an old Slayer shirt on i had the time of my life and at that moment i gave my heart and soul and every inch of myself to music!!! we walked the mile back to the car in knee deep snow just talking about how amazing that concert was and i still to this day remember how that smile felt. we made it to the car threw the snow and then the car wouldnt start and we had to wait in the blistering cold for rachels moms husband to come pick us up and take us to rachels, there was no school the next day and i remember my nephew justin teaching me how to draw crappy graffiti but all i wanted to draw in graffitti was “Linkin Park” i became more obsessed than i could ever imagine. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. What Chester did today was very selfish he took his own life and its not just selfish because hes an idol of mine or because hes famous, its selfish because he had 6 kids and a wife that depended on him for so much. its a selfish crime but it also goes to show us that fame fortune and all that jazzy stuff cant stop depression, and neither can “growing up” Chester was 42 years old thats considered a full grown adult and he still did the unthinkable and took his own life. now i dont agree with suicide but Chester Bennington ment alot to me so altho i dont agree with his decsion i wanted to share with you guys the impact he had on my life. He taught me a lot about pouring your emotions into your lyrics, be who you are and not who people want you to be, if you want to do something go fucking do it, and most importantly he taught me that the songs that will hit you the deepest arent heard on the radio but heard in your room when you crack open that seal and put that cd into your cd player.
R.I.P Chester Bennington you ment more to me then you could ever imagine.


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