Colter wall

This for the people who dont know, is Mr. Colter Wall… his soul is not from this life time, he is one of the oldest souls ive ever heard in my entire life! His songs take me to a certain place. That place is a front porch in the appalacian mountains in virgina on a rainy day with a jug of moonshine and him singing there with me. He is an exceptional talent, this young man has so much going for him if only people appriciated him as much as i do! Theres a funny story as to how i found out about him. For once i wasnt looking for knowledge or anything and i was just causually watching Brock Lesnar on Stone Colds Podcast with my buddy dj. Stone Cold asked Brock what music he was diggin these days and he said this kid named Colter Wall and at that moment i had to find out what brock listens to when hes farming. And hes honestly made me feel like theres someone out there like me… his songs are touching and they sound like theyre written on a front porch in the 1880’s south of the mason dixon. If you enjoy true country music i highly reccomend looking up colter wall and let me know your thought!!


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