I have no idea even where to start or what to say… I believe the first time I heard Eminem was on renegade by Jay-Z. Mike and I had The Blueprint on cassette we would pass it back and forth for months on end. Then i started seeing Eminem on mtv and vh1 and related to him because i loved hip hop like him and we both were white. The first Eminem album i ever owned was an edited version of the Marshall Mathers LP, I remember begging for weeks for my parents to buy me this album and I did the same when The Eminem Show came out. I have owned numerous copies of every Eminem album. Steven Drenner and I used to drive around literally all day, Smoking ciggs and pot and jamming Eminem together in my oldest daughters moms car while she was at work. I would consider Eminem one of the most influential musicaians in my life. I dont think id be half the dad i am today without Eminem. He always spoke so highly of his daughter and you could just tell he would literally do anything to get her waht she wanted and needed. The violence and sexualness and the drug talk in his lyrics are what originally hooked me. but the things that stuck the most were how to be a dad and that im not alone when life kicks me in the nuts. Then I began to hear stories within his songs. Beneath the sex drugs and violence you could feel that hes going threw the struggles he rapped about, and that no matter how rich we perceived him the money cant stop life from fucking you. He felt the same way we did and that blew my mind. To me Eminem was and still is my favorite rapper of all time. He is also arguably the best to ever do the damn thing. A lyrical Giant and an Amazing musical talent over all. Thankyou Em for not making me feel alone when life has me down and out, and mostly thankyou for inspiring me from a young age to be the best dad i possibly could be for my daughters!!!!!


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