Hank Williams

I cannot recall the first time i heard a Hank Williams song but ive always known every word to “Hey, Good Lookin’” but i can tell you that it was 2012 and i was working at the gap warehouse in Groveport, Ohio when I decided that I was going to dedicate 1 whole day to Hank Williams. So I started with the album “40 Greatest hits” and i begun listening to a song i knew “Hey, good lookin” which is how i start any musical adventure. then next song that played was about a wooden indian statue which i have heard refrences to in country music before but actually listening to the words he was singing i understood the meaning was more than that and it was at that moment I became addicted to hank Williams I have listened to hank Williams quiet frequently since then and hearing Kaw-Liga changed my life in a way because it not only got me listening to more Hank Williams, but it got me to listen to lefty, marty robbins, hank snow, and one of my most played “radio stations” is hank williams radio. I then became obsessed with his story. how he loved his whiskey and his pills and how he od’d in ohio on the way to a new years show in west virgina. His real name being Hiram King Williams and his son who never knew him instantly got put into his shoes. Then this album dropped it was a colaboration album that i will never forget its the lost notebooks of hank Williams, hearing other musicians sing words that hank never got to sing was monumental to me. Ive always since that day been the only one i know of who enjoys listening to Hank and i could literally listen to him every single day. Hiram King Williams was more than some old guy who paved the way for country music to me. To me he is my way to step back into the 50’s, hes my inspiration to say FUCK YOU to everybody, hes my inspiration to go out on my own terms, and to do exactly what the fuck i want to do. Thankyou Luke The Drifter for everything.


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