Jamey Johnson

The first Jamey Johnson song i heard was “in color” I saw the video on CMT back in the day and instantly fell in love. I then went directly to my desktop computer and downloaded the entire album, Yes downloading is stealing, SUCK MY ASS… I then convinced my parents to up my allowance rate because i needed to buy more cd’s altho i had a job lined up for the summer. My parents never tried to limit my music and for that i am vey grateful, Altho they did make me buy the edited version of cd’s when i was younger. Yes kids back in my day there were 2 versions of every album and one of them had every cuss word “beeped” out and it was annoying as fuck. Anywho I then began to find out that Jamey Johnson not only wrote his own music but wrote music for other country artists. He also wrote my favorite George Strait song “Give It Away” . I know most of Jamey Johnson’s sons by heart! He is one of the most underrated artists/songwriters of my lifetime. He has inspirted me to be a songwriter altho its merely for fun and getting my feelings out, he lit a fire in mu soul that i cannot put out. So about a month ago he played a free concert here in Central Ohio at the Obetz Zuchini Festival. So i HAD to go!!! It was honestly one of my favorite concerts of all time. I met my buddy greg up there whos also a huge Jamey Johnson fanand he introduced me to a few newly found friends of mine. That night we truely let the music ease our souls of all the stress that comes with being an adult. Between obserdly screaming the words to every Jamey Johnson that we all love, covers of old country songs our parents raised us on, to the songs he wrote with George Strait on his new album. It was all in all an amazing experience!!! I will never forget it, i predicted he would close the show with In Color but he humbled me and he ended on a 10 minute medely of Hey, Good Lookin, I Saw The Light, and Eastbound and Down. Jamey Johnson to me is a larger than life songwriter and musician and one of the very few country artists who still have some outlaw country inside of them. I always have and always will love and support everything Jamey Johnson does! He is 100% a musical genious and hes going to help in saving country music from the suits.


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