Kurt Cobain

I have waited my whole life to muster up the courage to be completely honest about how i feel about Kurt Cobain and i feel this is a better place than any.
Altho i did not grow up in the grunge era, i was only 3 when Kurt was murdered. the local rock station here has always played Nirvana in rotation so ive always
heard Nirvana. One day we had to do a celebrity report thing in school and something told me to write it on the singer for Nirvana, weather to be curious or
to seem cool to my class mates thats exactly who i did it on. there were very minimal requirements for this report so i filled the requirements and then i
started hearing Nirvana more and i started listening to the lyrics, then i started downloading Nirvana and reading articles written about Kurt Cobain.
It peaked my interest, the punk rock feel, the druggie look, all of it. and i became obsessed at that point. Kurt Cobain was more than a musician to me,
He once said in his journal that music isnt to be heard but to be felt. He accomplished that, you feel Nirvana, you feel Kurts pain and anguish.
His anger and emotion come directly threw the mangled lyrics and the distorted sounds. He was an inspiration in the way that we thought he killed himself
while high on heroin so i went threw life thinking everyday what if kurt didnt kill himself and that is where heroin leads you is to an early grave and
an early legacy. Kurt was a punk rockish dirtball poster boy for not giving a single fuck. But you read his transcripts in his journals and see how calm
cool and collective he is in interviews you can see that the emotion in these songs are real he holds his emotions in like many of us and he lets them out
in his way which is NIRVANA. Then i hear theres a conspiricy that he was murdered and that intruiges me even more so i start looking into it
im reading the books and watching videos on youtube and im convinced Courtney Love pulled the trigger with his toe. and more evidence comes out and im even
more convinced. im telling everyone i meet that he was murdered and all the details. Kurt Cobain wasnt perfect by any means, but he was a voice for an entire
generation and most of all he is the voice of me. the emotions, the freedom, the not giving a fuck, he helped me make it threw high school, he pumped me up
and he made me happy, he didnt always make sense but he spoke directly to my soul. He was hope that you dont have to be a chisled model for the public
to talk about you, you can be a dirty ass kid from some small town in washington state and make music that people love and also that people feel dangerous
liking. We hear that distorted guitar and the jumbled lyrics that dont always make sense and we feel untouchable for the length of the song, not worrying
about bills, running late, not getting enough sleep, your girlfriend leaving, your kids hating you, etc. it all disapears its gone there is nothing on your
mind when the song is blaring and that is what Kurt wanted to obtain with his music. He didnt want you to listen to his music he wanted it felt and i feel
every fucking note deep in my soul. Kurt Cobain was my voice when i was speechless, my encouragement when i needed a pep talk, my happiness when i was
down, and most of all when i cared too much or stressed too much about what the future held his music made me quit worrying and live in the moment
it will all end up exactly how its supposed to.


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