Nikki Sixx

My older sister Rachel introduced me to Motley Crue at a fairly young age, She has been my Yoda for rock music. I instantly had a bond with them because my older sister who was the coolest person i know showed me them. So i started studying them, who they were, what they did, why they wrote music, and eventually that led me to a book called “The Heroin Diaries: A Year In The Life Of A Shattered Rock Star.” It was the first book I WANTED to read, at the time I had just started to pick up playing the bass and found out about a very rudeamentary website called youtube. There were videos on there of Nikki Sixx chugging Jack Daniels and ripping bass solos and that’s exactly what i wanted to do with my life. So I read this book 3 times in a row, all i talked about was nikki sixx. then that led me to find Motley Crue’s book The Dirt and stregnthend my love for thoes 4 men. This man managed to write songs for one of the greatest bands of the hair metal era, while constantly partying, banging chicks, and doing heroin all day. And some how kept a diary of that days adventrures with heroin. that’s inspiring as fuck to me, not inspiring to do heroin or anything but just the love that he has internally for art in general that even at the lowest point in his life that he can manage to keep a diary daily to express how this drug made him feel and what stupid shit he did that day with drawings included. fTo me Nikki Sixx is larger than life and when I finally got the opportunity to see Motley Crue live guess what the fuck I did? It was sunday May 17th 2009 at Columbus Crew Statidum in Columbus ohio, I had seen so many good bands that i loved that weekend and ive sat threw the rain in just a light hoodie all just to see Motley FUCKING Crue. My older sister Rachel and my oldest daughter in her mothers stomach and both by my side it was literally my dream come true! We had seats in the bleachers because we ccouldnt afford the standing area tickets. None the less tho i was there!!!!!!! I remember vividly feeling pissed seeing people throw their wristbands away and just walking out after Avenged Sevenfold played, how can you miss the opportunity to see the greatest band of the hair metal era? I would have literally killed somebody for one of the wristbands. But I forgot all about that when those 4 men that i held on such a high pedistool took the stage. It was magical and all I could say in between songs was “Sis I am 300 feet from Nikki Mother FUCKING Sixx” Still to this day id love to set and and talk music and just shoot the shit with him!!!! let him know how much hes changed my life, how everything he does inspires me to do better with my life. He always has been and alway will be my favorite bass player and one of the people I idolize the most in life he has done so many things that people don’t notice! but i do and i have the upmost respect for you Nikki


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