Willie Nelson

The thing about Willie is noone says hes the absolute best but he is most definitely in the running. I used to not be that into Willies voice, but then it grew on me, and im glad that it did honestly. The thing Willie does best is that he not only tells a story threw a song, he also tells a bigger story threw the songs on the album. We have almost all heard blue eyes crying in the rain, always on my mind, or whiskey river. But how many of us can say that we have listened to the whole red headed stranger album? Or any of willies albums all the way threw. I am fortunate to own 3 willie albums on vinyl and one on cassette. The beauty of willie on vinyl is that its super easy to listen to full albums on vinyl, and willie makes that fun by telling a story threwout his album. The way the man puts songs on an album is perfection!!! Not to mention he has soooooo many albums to listen to. And when you dig into them you find songs like roll me up which has snoop in it, or 7 spanish angels with ray charles. 7 spanish angels is my mommas favorite song, which is strange to me cause the woman hates willies voice. But he sure has a way if capturing people in the beauty of his songs. I think thats partly due to his very unique voice, if you hear his voice there is no question that its willie. Then you throw in that signature Trigger sound and boom homie is hittin your soul with his songs. For those that dont know who “Trigger” is, Trigger is willies belived guitar. He has been using the same guitar majority of the time since 1969 and this guitar is his everything! He bought it unseen and since then he has said numerous times when Trigger is unplayable is when he is done making music. It is a very beautiful story i recommend looking into it. He even hid trigger at someone elses house when the irs was after him for tax evasion or some shit. As of recently willie and trigger mean alot to me. Im glad that i gave willie a shot, they have touched my soul numerous times and i take that shit serious! So where i donthe 5 favorite songs im also going to throw in my 5 favorite willie albums you should check out.

-Always on my mind
-My heros have always been cowboys
-Angel flying too close to the ground
-Last thing i needed first thing this morning
-The Songwriters

-Tougher Than Leather
– Redheaded Stranger
-Always On My Mind
-To Lefty, From Willie
-Band Of Brothers


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